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Social Energy

Save up to 70% on Your Electricity*

Here at Low Carbon, we鈥檝e already helped thousands of homeowners save on their energy bills with fantastic solar deals. But we鈥檙e now proud to announce, we鈥檝e partnered with the revolutionary new energy company Social Energy to Save You up to 70%* on Your Electricity, with new Solar Energy Storage and Trading Technology!

Save on Your Electricity

How Can Social Energy Help You?

Social Energy鈥檚 revolutionary AI technology enables you to automatically store, trade and swap the solar energy that you generate, when you don鈥檛 need it, giving you fantastic savings on your electricity.

Social Energy Key Features

Social Energy Powered by You

Social Energy is revolutionising the energy industry and we want to take you with them! The team of renewables experts have created incredible AI technology, that lets you store, trade and swap the electricity that your solar panels generate, so none of your free energy goes to waste.

By joining Social Energy, you鈥檒l be joining the only energy network approved by the National Grid to trade on critical frequency markets. That means, you get access to exclusive energy revenue, helping reduce your electricity cost by up to 70%*.

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*Save up to 70% disclaimer:

Your actual savings will depend on many factors that are subject to change and impossible to predict with certainty. These factors include: the design and performance of your solar PV array, how you use energy in your house, prevailing market and regulatory conditions that affect electricity prices and the accessibility of grid trading services.

As an illustration, you could reduce your effective electricity bill by 70%, or 拢328, by installing a Social Energy battery alongside an existing solar PV system.

These total savings are based on a property in the OX17 area with an annual electricity consumption of 3750kWh paying a unit rate of 16p/kWh and no standing charge, annual solar generation of 940kWh, and solar self-use of 25.17% resulting in an electricity bill (excluding standing charge) of 拢441. Benefits totalling 拢328 are achieved by fitting a 3kW/4.5kWh battery that reduces import of energy from the grid by 840kWh resulting in a further saving of 拢135 and credits from grid trading of 拢193. The reduction is therefore 100% x 拢328 / 拢441 = 74.4%.

In order to benefit fully from these savings you must have your electricity supplied by Social Energy Supply Limited, a smart meter (2nd generation) installed in your property providing half hourly readings, up to date payment made by a variable Direct debit, and all of this managed through our online account - so you will need to be able to access digital channels to manage your account.

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